How does the EZ Teether work?

The chilled EZ teether works by providing a resistant rubber surface to bite on – applying pressure and massaging the sore gum. As well as massaging action, the EZ teether helps to stimulate saliva production. Saliva contains antibodies which can help to fight bad bacteria and also helps to wash away any accumulated food debris and bacteria that can lead to infection.

Why not just use a baby teether?

We all know that teething toys for babies work, rather than innovate we have taken a proven product and differentiated and redesigned the teething toy to be suitable for adults. We have used identified the correct modulus of elasticity for adults meaning that the rubber will withstand the forces of you biting whilst still being soft enough to provide relief from pain.

Also the EZ length has taken into account the average length of your lower jaw and how far back in the wisdom teeth sit, furthermore the diameter of the EZ teether takes into account how wide your jaw can open comfortably for prolonged use.

Finally the EZ teether does not looked like a children’s toy, so the EZ teether is suitable to be used in any environment from the office to the comfort of your own home without the fear of ridicule. The EZ teether has been designed to reach the wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth as well as considering how wide the mouth opens. A baby teether is unlikely to reach this area.

Will my EZ teether soften with use?

Yes the EZ Teether’s resistant surface is able to withstand biting forces and becomes more comfortable with use.

Why is the EZ teether UK only?

Due to the prohibitive costs of meeting safety regulations for individual nations, we have decided to focus on our home market of the UK. In the future we aim to target Europe and the USA.

Why should I use an EZ teether when I can use my finger to massage my gums?

The EZ teether is hygienic alternative. It is unhygienic to have one’s hand in one’s mouth and then open doors, shake hands use communal computers.

Furthermore, evidence points to teething rings best providing relief when being chilled in the refrigerator. You can’t do this with your finger, which may begin to hurt if you are biting on it!

How can I keep my EZ teether clean?

We recommend wiping the EZ teether clean with a damp cloth. To sterilise we recommend cleaning the EZ Teether by submerging in cold water and Milton’s solution for 15 minutes.

Where is the EZ teether manufactured?

The EZ teether is manufactured here in the UK

Much like a toothbrush, the EZ teether is intended for individual use.

Can the EZ teether be shared?

Much like a toothbrush, the EZ teether is intended for individual use.

How to use EZ Teether?

The EZ Teether works best when chilled. To use place your finger into the EZ teether handle for precise control. Use the EZ teether to retract the cheek to reach the Wisdom tooth. Gently bite on the EZ teether to massage gums for pain relief and irritation. For added benefit, roll the EZ teether back and forth over painful area whilst gently biting.

What is the EZ teether resistant surface made from?

The EZ teether resistant surface is made from a medical grade material, which is FDA and RoHS compliant. The resistant surface is also latex free.

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