EZ Teether is proudly designed & manufactured in Great Britain.

The teether provides a resistant surface to massage and reduce the pain of wisdom teeth coming in through the gums.  The textured grip and hollow handle allows precise placement of the teether, to help alleviate your pain.

For more information about the teether, visit our F.A.Q. page or view our testimonials.

Side on photograph of the EZ Teether Technical drawing showing a side on view of the EZ Teether
Technical drawing of the EZ Teether device with dimensions

Ergonomic design for your comfort

EZ teether has been designed to account for average angles with the aim of reducing the initiation of your gag reflex and minimizing how wide you have to open your jaw, for increased comfort.

Conducive to good hygiene

Length of the EZ teether has been calibrated so the vast majority of people can use the teether without having their hands enter their mouths, which is conducive to good hygiene and reducing spread of saliva.

Wipe-clean surface

We recommend wiping the EZ teether clean with a damp cloth. If you wish to sterilise, please use Milton’s or an equivalent sterilising fluid.

Softens with use

Bite surface softens with use for better massaging action