Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

Wisdom Teeth are notorious for being painful. The causes of pain can be due to a number of different factors and it can be difficult to know how to manage.

Sore gums and inflammation caused by the cusps of your wisdom teeth cutting through the gums can be treated with the EZ Teether to massage the painful area of the gums as well as to provide a welcome distraction.

Combined with pain relief medication, this can be highly effective in reducing your wisdom tooth pain.
The EZ Teether Provides Pain Relief for Wisdom Teeth

The Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth pain can be caused by a number of different factors.

Impaction is one of the main causes and occurs when the tooth is unable to erupt and pushes against other teeth or anatomy in the mouth. Persistent pain in cases of impaction require a visit to your dentist and may require intervention.

The EZ Teether can provide relief and comfort to anyone experiencing pain due to impacted wisdom teeth. It’s designed to massage the gums.

Further pain can be caused by infection of the Wisdom Teeth. As the teeth break through the surface of the gums, the gum tissue is cut open by the crown cusps. This area can then become infected, leading to pain and swelling.

One of the most common complaints with wisdom tooth eruption is Pericoronitis. This is described as an inflammation of soft tissue surrounding a partially erupting tooth.

The EZ Teether can be used to massage the inflamed area for pain relief. Periocoronitis can lead to further symptoms such as bad breath and bad taste, as well as a reduced ability to open the mouth can occur. This often causes an increased level of discomfort in addition to other wisdom tooth related pain.

It’s advised to visit a dentist if you are experiencing any symptoms of infection. Treatment for infections such as these is often provided in the form of antibiotics.

Will removing wisdom teeth relieve my pain?

It is impossible to say whether wisdom tooth extraction will relieve your tooth pain without a consultation from your dentist.

This is due to the pain cause varying on a case-by-case basis from impaction and the tooth pushing against other teeth, causing inflammation of the gum as the tooth erupts.

In these cases complications from tooth extraction may lead to pain that is much worse than the initial  inflammation.  Furthermore the cause of your pain may be due to decay on a different tooth and the wisdom tooth may not actually be the problem at all.

It is advisable to seek advice from your dentist if pain persists. Your dentist will give you professional advice on whether wisdom tooth extraction will solve your pain and warn you of possible risk involved with minor oral surgery (such as risk of infection, bleeding, loss of sensation to area and dry socket) as well as intended benefits.

You can find your local dentist through the NHS “Find a Dentist” resource.

For more information on the EZ teether device and how it can provide pain relief for wisdom teeth visit our about, design and F.A.Q. pages.